Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Rumours or reality

Life's a pretty odd thing. I mean we go about our daily routines and out of no where we are thrown a wrench. This is how its started for me- i work a lot, and my daily life is intertwine very closely to work. That means between montreal and toronto. So basically i have 2 sets of friends in each province that i see pretty much- weekly. So each day i see someone different that has a different perspective of me and most times i'm not even sure if they really know me. Gossip is a rampant and constant event. I just wonder if they really believe the rumours that are passed on. I mean, as we all know- society is always readily ready to hear a juicy story, i mean just look at the millions of magazines that are sold everyday. We have whole websites dedicated to following actors and watching their every move. Then these same magazine take them apart. In a smaller level, the same things happen- to each of us in our life's. Just take a look at your work environment. Someone is always talking about one or all co-workers. we are all subject to this act, in some level. Its just a little intense for some, while other escape without a lip whipping. I wish i knew how i can achieve this.So where is all this leading up to??  My life seems to be very split. This is probably the hardest thing i have to say- but it seems as thought my personal life has been brought up a few times at work. When i first started at this company- they were all curious- i get it, i was the new girl from montreal. But then as the weeks and months passed, rumours started.I got asked out on dates and i turned them all down. I just wasn't interested.That when they started to  make innuendo's. I mean i didn't help it either. I caught wind of what was being said. They were buzzing. I basically just pushed it, by my jewel and being as coy about it all. I was asked  point blank by a co worker and i tactfully walked away from answering the question. Needless to say - even in this blog i can't write it- i'm just not sure. I mean- i'm not interested in going out with anyone, i'm just not interested. But these remarks are giving a lot of attention that i'm not use too. I'm pretty much enjoying it.The rumours are a lot more exciting and fun than what going on in my real life. In a way- i sorta feel guilty, but not  so much- i believe in experience in everything. But i began this article with the over use of rumours, and i guess i'm just not sure about myself. Is it true???

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