Thursday, 17 March 2011


600_pickering_nuclear_plant_cp_110316_225128.jpgJapan- devastation is what pops in my mind. Things are just falling apart on that side of the earth. I mean at first it was a tsunami then earthquake and now a nuclear melt down.To think, just a few days ago we were aware of, Australia, Haiti and Chile. When this 3 mega disaster hit Japan, around the world there was a earthquake that took place in Russia. I'm sure, there are other natural earthquakes and weather related abnormalities that took place the same moment Japan was struck. We - as the mass still haven't heard about it. I'm not sure if i should be stocking up on iodine pills, buying a military issued face mask or even a emergency plan, just in case if something happens.But am i taking this much to far. Just yesterday- march 16th, our nuclear plant in Picketon Ontario, owned up to the fact that they leaked demineralized water. Isn't this just cutting it close to what can happen, or is the media just trying to cause a panic, like they did when 911?? Radiation - can it  travel far?-  would that effect us? I know for a fact, when you think life can't possibility get any worst it does. Is it just my  pessimistic side that is taking over? As i ponder this, the rain is splattering against the window.The horizon has changed to grey as I am still digesting these events.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tick Toc

So this is the situation- i am frantically searching for a new apartment-my current one, needs to be vacated by april 1st. My beautiful apartment is spacious bright and has high ceiling. Its close to our central hub, and i have access to all major highways- which is essential for Ontario living. Problem, my co tenants. I mean i knew it was much to good to be true. Free parking everything included, ladies i mean hydro heating electricity, i can leave the lights on all day and night and never worry. Low cost living in the big city ! Such a delight. What's driving me insane, is my neighbours. Lets talk about my hermit neighbour that lives across from me. Two month after purchasing the gorgeous place, i heard the constant high pitched barking from a small maltese dog. Now lets remember that i am a worker who works 18hrs to 12hrs- day or night shifts, sleep in all sorts of hotel room- and constantly worried about bed bugs.Besides the point-if i am in montreal, and get our downtown hotel- i am sure not sleep a wink, since young adolescence coming from the USA, are overly seduced by the fact that the drinking age is 18, and they gorge ever ounce of any alcoholic beverage in sight. Meantime, exhausted i returns to my humble beautiful abode, and the moment i sleep, i hear that ever so high pitch barking! From 10 am till 7pm. I am distorted. i am angry, and am so tried that tears are rolling down my cheeks. I called my  landlord on numerous occasions. She let me know that she told him multitude times of the situation, and informed me, that after 7 months- of speaking to him, she cannot do anything about it. I was left on my  own. So i called animal services, and they asked me to call and verbally log-in complains- which i did, daily,weekly.Three months of this, they asked me to write a log,describing what i was doing when the dog was bark how it was disturbing me and what time it started and ended. Another 3 months later, i am still calling everyday and begging Animal services to come and make that dog stop barking. ( constant high pitched barks every 30 seconds - 4 to 7 barks in a row) is what i was writing- but a year and 4 months later, Animal services still hasn't gotten back to me, and i relish my 4 hrs of sleep i get at my hotel rooms, or the 2hrs of sleep i get in this messed up building. I am mentally zombied out, and physically always exhausted. I still take my car to busy underground malls, park and sleep for an hour or two. Its cold in the winter time and parking lot cops always look puzzling when they see a girl in a flannel blanket sleeping in the back of her car. So now, a year and a few month down the line, dark circles apart of my new Beauté. So i decided in a fit of insanity to give my 2 month notice. Today 26 days to my eviction, i am regretting it. For the same price, of what i am paying now, i can have a run down apartment in  a  complex including people doing Meth in the hallway. All part of the ambiance. Lets not forget the paper thin walls, providing continuance audible entertainment.Tick toc, the days are slipping, and i'm panicked.... 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Escaped life: A cafe

Escaped life: A cafe: " Walking down busy kitschy street, i notice one of those trendy cafes.The ones that try hard not to look overly commercialized wi..."

Friday, 4 March 2011

A cafe

 Walking down busy kitschy street, i notice  one of those trendy cafes.The ones that try hard not to look overly commercialized with gothic architecture and  high ceiling. I am curiously attracted too. As i walk towards the main entrance i see posh leathered upholstered seats with a array of interesting patron's, dusted a bouts. I don't know why, but each time i am in a new place i get nervous, and incredibly self consicous . My throat closes in. I see the counter, with the barista ready to take my order. i look around, to survey the rest of the place, and taking note that there is a seat close to the left of the room. Walls are covered with various art, i make a mental note, to have a better look later. As a vixen you think i would take control of the room and make a enthralling comment to the barista , take my cafe and continue a conversation with the stranger next to me. Far from it. I barely can order my mochacinno, and scurry to wait for them to prepare my drink. Someone else walks in to the cafe. My attention is captured within seconds. Does this person realize how good looking they are?? Omg _ i'm ogling-not good. The only way out of this, is to walk away without any other...ooops too late, my laptop bag, gets caught on a lavish wooden chair which i've now dragged. To make matters worst, a loud screeching sound is produced by my clumsiness, and needless to say- eyes on me. Not the way i wanted to be noticed. I am red faced, and looking to just escape this trendy gothic cafe. Obviously i cannot leave, i've got a ceramic cup. I'd be stealing a cup- and it could lead to more embarssement. So i've now taken a seat. I just lost all courage to look up or even talk to the other patrons in the cafe. I quickly sip my mocha and rush out. This isn't how a real vixen would act- she would have controlled the situation and at least make a hilarious joke. But i, was mortified. In my mind a huge neon sign went off,  blinking- "get out of here". Which put me into military mode, make a quick and swift escape.  Ta-Daum! i am a foolish dork.Lesson, i've learned, even with all my years of experiences as a adult, i still cannot pull of a cool entrance.    

Thursday, 3 March 2011

what happened?.

So this is my first blog- and I'm unsure about everything that has happened in life.
i look younger than i look, and hence get judged or overlooked,be it for a potential date  to a better job.
lets start with that, i work in a position that i never thought i would do- its basically the same thing i did when i first began working at fifteen - drum role please- its customer service-
this from a feminist and loud mouth that aways dreamed of being a marine biologist. Today i am looking for a way out of this endless circle- of being pushed and basically unsatisfied in my position. My job allows me to travel- from one end of province to the next.The down fall is the long hours, the short hours of sleep , if that, decent sleep, is rare, and i work everyday-having a real life and friends is ambiguous concept. The endless ruddiness, of everyday people, is taking its toll. However there are days where everything goes the way it should, in a  amicable atmosphere. Lately i feel its more negative. My job is my only source of income. I no longer have a formal education- i think i am considered a dinosaur. I cannot understand how i let this life escape and slip throughout my fingers.I still don't have enough money to go back to school. Barely enough to live, on what i make. The last 3 years have been a blur, and i just wish i had a confidence in myself.When did i fall apart? i watch young students going to university class,  and wonder how many of them will actually make it. So what happens next ??