Thursday, 17 March 2011


600_pickering_nuclear_plant_cp_110316_225128.jpgJapan- devastation is what pops in my mind. Things are just falling apart on that side of the earth. I mean at first it was a tsunami then earthquake and now a nuclear melt down.To think, just a few days ago we were aware of, Australia, Haiti and Chile. When this 3 mega disaster hit Japan, around the world there was a earthquake that took place in Russia. I'm sure, there are other natural earthquakes and weather related abnormalities that took place the same moment Japan was struck. We - as the mass still haven't heard about it. I'm not sure if i should be stocking up on iodine pills, buying a military issued face mask or even a emergency plan, just in case if something happens.But am i taking this much to far. Just yesterday- march 16th, our nuclear plant in Picketon Ontario, owned up to the fact that they leaked demineralized water. Isn't this just cutting it close to what can happen, or is the media just trying to cause a panic, like they did when 911?? Radiation - can it  travel far?-  would that effect us? I know for a fact, when you think life can't possibility get any worst it does. Is it just my  pessimistic side that is taking over? As i ponder this, the rain is splattering against the window.The horizon has changed to grey as I am still digesting these events.

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