Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I've just had a dream, awoke crying- But a happy cry. I saw my brother. My sweet little brother- it was the strangest thing. I haven't seen him as much, yet again i haven't  thought of him as often- My funny brother was my humour, my heart my courage-As the years passed- and i can't believe i am actually acknowledging passage of time- i've see him less- I'm a little perplexed, because when i awoke i saw him as he's always been , strong, tall, impeccable skin and gracious humble wide smile, its infectious- you can't help but smile back- his leg muscles as strong as always, his strut and aura- was maginificanted- i saw him on the beach, running towards me with the greats smile and the sun shaun behide him. i could tell we were @ a foreign beach-  i just awoke with a cry, it was a savage cry mixed with a million emotions- i saw him smile and my heart stopped- i haven't seen him like this in forever- no trace of cancer- it was as if he never had it, full head of hair- spiked up as always- fashionable- he's always been a handsome boy- chiselled one dimple and cleft chin, all prefect- no trace of hodgkins , no sign of leukaemia skin. Just him so happy- i've missed him so- i remember thinking- oh non - its only a few seconds- something about us saying or telepathically talking about how to see each other again- my lil brother was memorized by Houdini, and how he had said to his wife he would find a way to communicate back from the other side- He had said this to all of us- i just remember him saying, communicating something about picture- and everything else is vague- i just remember waking up- happy and sad. I saw him after so long, i miss him much too much- i should asked how he was- where is he, i love him- turbulent of emotions- i just wanna see him again, soon and more often-

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  1. Our loved ones are with us no matter what. At all times in all places. What we see with our eyes is decieving. What we feel with our hearts and experience in our dreams are still real. I beleive there is a connection between all of us that travels faster than light and to the ends of the universe and beyond time and space.