Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I'm infatuated- i've been intrigued and enchanted by a temptress- i've kept my distance in pass few years- mostly because i just didn't know how to handle it-i felt as thought…. i wasn't good enough. I still don't think i'm bright, to have  captivating conversation with her- She incredibility cultured. She can make you laugh at a whim and mesmerize you,so much so- that you'd believe the sky is really red instead of blue- She can spellbind you in a countless song from a arrant of genre and serenade any ballet in french-she simply one in a million. She stood up for me when other decide to beguile and besiege -i never knew till few years passed- She is humble and is so bold. She a has a wick streak- and doesn't allow anyone to get close to her, so she attacks and belittles- she say outrageous things- only to keep others away- i've observed her for much tooooooooo long-  But recently months, i become consumed- i can't help but know where she is , what she doing or where she's been- What makes everything worst is, we have common friends- so all the information i want is at hand-Or that fantastic bum keeps me pretty updated.  But i've also bleed- she isn't really interested in me, but a younger taller version- i can't help but wonder if my infatuation intensified,cause of it. - Yep, i'm a tad strange- i was actually having a riveting conversation with a common friend- where i just can't help but gush and squeal, when her name is brought up, and we seem to always have the similar personal problems- and that,makes me smile. She's almost a kindred spirit, but she clueless-  She also into astrology- which is the downfall- in her conviction,  our signs do not match- and ALSO the fact she interested in  some else-( i have to continually remind myself that- because if i don't i start to day dream- and that not wise-) My friend last night was about to tell me bad news, i could tell- we were talking about  my temptress and she know, even if i can't admit it-- She began by saying i don't think- and i had to cut the conversation short and bid goodnight- I guess a massive disillusional part of me, is enjoying, this secret crush. I love the butterflies and rosy coloured outlook i have- i have a lighter step and can't help but smile- she makes me feel invincible- and i like that feeling- call me naive and selfish, its ok- i enjoy being this way-  I'm not ready yet. To have that rug pulled out of my feet. Bu, because i am that practical person-  i've started to mentally prepare myself- i gotta get myself in a relationship soon- cause this cozy feeling i have- isn't  suppose to last as long as it has-  and i'd rather have the true genuine emotions- then this, very besot tantalizing, obsession - i say this with the sweetest and mysterious smile- i can't help it LOL- she dazzles and bewitches me


  1. There is nothing wrong in observing and appreciating the beauty in something that seems to be a kindred spirit to you. It is a rare quality to be able to see that kind of depth in any character. During the time and information you have spent and gathered, you have found what makes the spirit of that person. The true driving passion. It is no surprise you feel energized, drawn, and connected to it.

    It exists in all of us in different ways. That love is what makes us who we are. The challenge is finding that spark in ourselves. We must be able to look past our insecurities and forgive ourselves by not hurting ourselves with hateful thoughts and emotions.

  2. lol!!! Karim : ) its so wonderful to have read your comment- THANK YOU